Marine Emergency Training: A Matter of Survival
If you're considering a career on the water, you might be wondering what kind of training you'll need to ensure your safety and the safety of others in the event of an emergency. Marine emergency training is a crucial aspect of working on commercial vessels that transport goods and/or passengers. This kind of training is not only required for those working on international vessels, but also for domestic seafarers in Canada who work on commercial vessels on our many coasts and waterways stretching from Atlantic Canada and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence to the Arctic and the West Coast.
What are MEDs?
Marine emergency duties are the skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively to dangerous situations. Transport Canada recognised institutions, such as the Centre de formation aux mesures d'urgences (CFMU) de Lévis, offer comprehensive training alternating theory and practical exercises in real-life situations.

“Practice is an essential part of marine emergency training. In an emergency situation, every minute counts and it is the actions learned and repeated that are most easily remembered," explains Alain Auclair, Assistant Director of Continuing Education at the Institut maritime du Québec.
Overview of Basic Marine Emergency Training
To ensure the safety of ships, crews and cargo, there are training and certification standards for seafarers working on international and domestic commercial vessels. Basic marine emergency training is mandatory for all maritime personnel, regardless of their position.

This 60-hour course has three components:

● Personal safety and social responsibilities
● Individual survival techniques
● Fire prevention and firefighting

In Quebec, many seafarers choose to be trained at the CFMU in Lévis. The CFMU is the only French-speaking organization in North America specializing in marine emergency training. It has the only infrastructure in Quebec where it is possible to reproduce real ship fire situations in complete safety. Its expertise is recognized both in Canada and abroad.
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