Frequently Asked Questions: Imagine Marine Job Board
  • What is the Imagine Marine job board?

The Imagine Marine job board is a platform created by the Canadian Marine Careers Foundation for career seekers to find and apply for marine jobs across Canada, and for organizations to profile their job openings. The job board is completely free to all of our members.

Link to board:

  • How does job scraping work?

Scraping is a process where the job board platform automatically gathers job postings from websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, or your organization's careers page. Once the scraper is set up, job posting is a totally hands off process. Your organization will not need to do any additional work beyond providing the career pages to be scraped (see this form for more information).

Our scraper runs once a week to ensure that new job openings are regularly added, and any expired ones are removed. The jobs are automatically categorized on the job board and sent to Google Jobs to reach a wider audience.

  • Can I remove my organization and jobs from the board?

Yes, you can remove your organization and jobs from the board at any time. Simply reach out to or with your request and we will permanently delete all your data.

  • Is the job board bilingual?

Yes! The job board will be available in both English and French. However, individual job postings are only posted to the board in their original languages. If your organization has both English and French versions of your jobs, please indicate the links to these pages on the signup form.

  • Can organizations that aren’t members with the CMCF use the job board, too?

Yes, marine employers outside of the CMCF’s membership can post jobs for a fee. The organizations have the ability to purchase 30-day job postings at either individual or bundle levels. Learn more through the link below.

  • What are the next steps for the job board?

The CMCF has plans to iteratively introduce new features to enhance the job board and make it easier and more effective for organizations to connect with marine professionals. In the coming months, we plan to launch a talent network for job seekers to promote their skills and profiles, and where employers can search, discover and connect with exceptional talent.

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