The Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo: You're Invited!
(September 28, 2023) – The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is hosting the inaugural Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo (GCMCE). This event gives Canadians the chance to connect with the RCN as well as the Canadian Coast Guard, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Transport Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, along with other marine sector employers and training institutions.

The expo is designed to give Canadian communities along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence Seaway opportunities to learn about potential marine industry career opportunities. During the Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo, Canadians will have the chance to hear directly from sailors who have chosen the challenge of a career at sea and learn about the wide range of careers currently available in the RCN, the Government of Canada, and other organizations.

Canadians will also have the opportunity to learn about Marine-adjacent careers in Shore-based Ship Management and Operations, Marine Service and Support, and Government and Public Sector opportunities through the Expo.

As part of its contribution to the Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo, His Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Glace Bay will travel from Sydney, Nova Scotia through the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Great Lakes to visit Canadian communities far away from Canada’s major naval bases. Conducting port visits in nine cities, the ship will often be joined by the maritime assets of fellow Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo participants.
During the Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo, the Government of Canada is committed to providing Canadians with unique opportunities to tour Canada’s highly capable vessels, participate in activities aboard and ashore, and learn about professional life on the water, both from the crew of HMCS Glace Bay and other participating partners.

Port visits are in the following locations:
  • Sep 28-29 - Sydney, NS;
  • Oct 02-03 - Rimouski, QC;
  • Oct 05-07 - Québec, QC;
  • Oct 11-12 - Trios-Rivières, QC;
  • Oct 14-17 - Montréal, QC;
  • Oct 25-28 - Windsor, ON;
  • Oct 31 - Nov 01 - Toronto, ON;
  • Nov 04 - Oshawa, ON;
  • Nov 07 - Kingston, ON; and
  • Nov 18-19 - Hamilton, ON.

“The Royal Canadian Navy is looking forward to participating in the inaugural Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo alongside our tremendous marine partners. Canada’s sailors are among the most professional, highly educated, and well-trained in the world. Anyone who is interested in an exciting career at sea, and making a difference, should attend this Expo to discover new opportunities.”
Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, Commander Royal Canadian Navy

“I am thrilled for HMCS Glace Bay to participate in the first-ever Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo. Through this deployment, Canadians with limited exposure to the Royal Canadian Navy will have a chance to learn about the importance of one of Canada’s great institutions – our incredible sailors are looking forward to closely connecting with communities far away from their homeport of Halifax.
Lieutenant-Commander Paul Morrison, Commanding Officer HMCS Glace Bay

“The Canadian Coast Guard would like to wish all Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo participants an inspiring visit and is excited to participate with the Royal Canadian Navy and other federal marine partners to showcase marine careers in Canada. As a Canadian Coast Guard College alum, I know firsthand about the full suite of Coast Guard’s exciting and interesting career opportunities as well as personnel growth and accomplishment one can achieve within our organization. Furthermore, we are all proud of our work of ensuring the safety of mariners in Canadian waters, protecting Canada’s marine environment and safeguarding Canada’s maritime trade economy.”
Mario Pelletier, Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard

“The marine sector employs more than 100,000 private and public sector skilled workers and professionals across Canada. With 43% of the workforce set to retire in the next decade, we have thousands of vital roles to fill. Canada’s extensive coastline and waterways mean the marine sector plays an enduring role in shaping our nation. We hope that this expo will help build awareness of the many rewarding career opportunities that are available.”
Julia Fields, Executive Director at the Canadian Marine Careers Foundation

Quick facts
  • The Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo will begin in late September and end mid-November 2023. For a complete list of dates and participating organizations, please refer to our Great Canadian Marine Careers Expo schedule webpage listed below.
  • The events will be public and free of charge - all are welcome to come learn and have fun. HMCS Glace Bay, alongside its Government of Canada partners, will be open to visitors in certain ports. There will be many opportunities to see Canada’s vessels up close and connect with the highly professional and dedicated sailors who work onboard.
  • HMCS Glace Bay is a Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV). MCDVs are multi-role vessels built in Canada and crewed by a combination of Regular and Reserve Force sailors and officers. The ship’s primary missions are coastal patrol, reserve training, law enforcement, search and rescue duties, and minesweeping.

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