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The marine fleet in Canada numbers in the tens of thousands of vessels, from large cargo carriers to sophisticated coast guard ships to ferries and small workboats. Each employs skilled crews in diverse and rewarding positions and trades. Permission to come aboard.
Shipboard jobs offer a wide range of opportunities for career advancement on shore.
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Ports are among the biggest employers in Canada's marine sector. Cargo and logistics experts, dock workers, IT and security specialists, are just a few examples of the skilled professionals that keep these critical hubs humming. Become a key link in this vital supply chain.
More than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs are created by Canadian Port Authorities, some of our biggest ports.
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Numerous businesses across the country support marine through the supply of goods and services, whether shipbuilding and repair, fuel, food, parts or IT, the list goes on. These companies employ women and men with a wide range of skills and expertise, people just like you.
The average salary in Canadian shipyards is 30 percent higher than the manufacturing average.
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Marine infrastructure is made up of the commercial waterways, such as the St. Lawrence Seaway, icebreakers and advanced communication networks that enable the movement of cargoes, crews and passengers across the country. Thousands of professionals and skilled tradespeople work in this critical area, and many more are needed. Join a team that keeps Canada moving.
The Port of Vancouver, Canada's largest port, has 30 terminals employing workers who handle everything from cars to containers to cruise ships.
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The federal government is a key marine stakeholder. It employs skilled mariners aboard its coast guard and naval fleets as well as knowledgeable professionals ashore at the offices of the Canadian Coast Guard, Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board. It's a great place to start your career — whether on land or at sea.
The Coast Guard employs 4,554 personnel on land and sea.
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